Cable protector is designed to protect electric wires and any other kind of cables. It is provided with a practical joining system that enables quick and reliable assembly of diverse length lines.
The combination of three kinds of elements: straight, left and right guarantees free forming of cable protector lines.
The surface of cable protectors has special grooves which makes it an anti-slid product. Thanks to contrasting colours and reflective elements, the cable protector is easily noticeable during day and night. Apart from that, it can facilitate the application to the ground by screws. Cable protector is guaranteed as flame resistant product and can be applied inside buildings.
The basic element and the cable protector cover are made of thermoplastic PCV that make it very elastic. The flexible cover consists of coloured foil made of pure PCV. The cable protector can be provided with three or two cable ducts. There is also possibility to manufacture it as a protector for fire hoses with one big hole of 60 mm diameter.



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